fly [1] VERB (flies; past flew; past part. flown) 1) (of a winged creature or aircraft) move through the air under control. 2) control the flight of or convey in (an aircraft). 3) move or be hurled quickly through the air. 4) go or move quickly. 5) wave or flutter in the wind. 6) (of a flag) be displayed on a flagpole. 7) (fly into) suddenly go into (a rage or other strong emotion). 8) (fly at) attack verbally or physically. 9) archaic flee.
NOUN (pl. flies) 1) (Brit. also flies) an opening at the crotch of a pair of trousers, closed with a zip or buttons. 2) a flap of material covering the opening of a tent. 3) (the flies) the space over the stage in a theatre.
fly in the face of — Cf. ↑fly in the face of
fly a kite — Cf. ↑fly a kite
fly off the handle — Cf. ↑fly off the handle
DERIVATIVES flyable adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, related to FLY(Cf. ↑flyable).
fly [2] NOUN (pl. flies) 1) a flying insect of a large order characterized by a single pair of transparent wings and sucking or piercing mouthparts. 2) used in names of other flying insects, e.g. dragonfly. 3) a fishing bait consisting of a mayfly or other natural or artificial flying insect.
a fly in the ointment — Cf. ↑a fly in the ointment
fly on the wall — Cf. ↑fly on the wall
there are no flies on — Cf. ↑there are no flies on
ORIGIN Old English, related to FLY(Cf. ↑flyable).
fly [3] ADJECTIVE (flyer, flyest) informal 1) Brit. knowing and clever; worldly-wise. 2) N. Amer. stylish and fashionable.
ORIGIN of unknown origin.

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